Assisi is a jewel that never ceases to amaze. About 6 km, among the woods of the mountain which dominates, It stands the Abbey San Benedetto al Subasio. After several and alternate historical vicissitudes, nhe 1945, i monks Benedictine St. Peter's of Assisi he regained possession. Today, with the collaboration of Benedictine nuns the Monastery of Sant'Anna in Bastia Umbra thanks to a keeper, who cares more closely, Abbey reopens its gates and its doors visitors, offering guided tours, re-enactments and representations that enhance the extraordinary peculiarities of an precious place for millennia Assisi and the historical life of Benedictine and Franciscan.

Its position as a crossroads of different footpaths make it an attractive site for the revitalization of the Subasio Park.

monastic Spirituality

The ancient Abbey of San Benedetto al Subasio, sort by Benedictine monastic wisdom, back to life and reopens its doors to visitors again within the monastic, thanks to the Benedictine nuns.

monasticism its roots in ancient times, at the dawn of the Church, in the first centuries of Christianity, when men and women, attracted by the beauty and radicalism of the Gospel message and tired of the swirl of life, They withdrew to lonely places to devote himself to meditation on the Word of God and manual labor for the most part, in a ascetic and contemplative.

I receive monks in the second century. Cr. were the anacoreti, better known as hermits. Among them we recall the great Anthony of the Desert (250-356).

Next to them soon arose, groups of monks, collected under a single Rule, around a spiritual father. These are monks cenobites, whose founder is considered Pachomius (287-347) from which, very soon, Persistent always monks hermits, arose the large and magnificent order of Benedictine monks.

Few people know that many monastic orders and not They have sprung own by hermit monks, the sanctity of which attracted others with the desire to live their own contemplative experience and relationship with God. So St. Benedict began his experience of consecrated life hermit e equally the great St. Francis of Assisi.

In recent times it has arisen further monastic communities, like the monks of Bose, who helped restore this place to its former glory.


The Abbey of San Benedetto al Subasio uses economic resources, that they derive from its activities by the welcome and, to support its internal life, and to invest in projects aimed at improve the reception of visitors.

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